Luxury Vinyl Tile Could Be The Ideal Commercial Flooring For Your Building

19 December 2018
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When you choose new flooring for your office building, you want something that's attractive while being durable enough to tolerate heavy foot traffic. If you have clients or shoppers coming in and out all day, you also want a floor that's easy to keep clean. Luxury vinyl tile could be the solution. Here's why luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, flooring is ideal for commercial use.

LVT Flooring Has An Attractive Appearance

LVT flooring is made to look like natural stone or wood planks. This gives your building the appearance of having high-end flooring without having to pay the high cost. The surface of luxury vinyl tile is created with natural colors and textures, so it closely resembles wood planks or stone tiles, and LVT comes in many colors and textures so you have a wide choice for choosing the right flooring for your building.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Is Durable

One of the best things about luxury vinyl is that it's rated for commercial use since it's so durable. It adheres to the floor with adhesive or grout so it grips without worry of individual planks or tiles popping up. The vinyl is durable enough to withstand years of high foot traffic. LVT flooring even tolerates spills and water as long as they are cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time.

Luxury Vinyl Is Easy To Maintain

Since the flooring is applied in individual planks or tiles, if an area of the floor is damaged, repairs are much easier than a choice like sheet vinyl flooring. The individual damaged tiles can be pulled up and replaced when needed. Vinyl material is also easy to keep clean. All that's usually needed is to clean the floor daily with a neutral cleaner so your building looks tidy. Stains can usually be lifted out of vinyl using a product made for cleaning vinyl flooring. Since LVT tolerates moisture, it can be cleaned by damp mopping, too; plus, it never needs to be sealed. These benefits make LVT a better choice than wood flooring.

Luxury vinyl tile has all the features needed for office and commercial flooring. It gives your building an appearance that makes a good impression on clients and that makes a pleasant atmosphere for your employees. Plus, the flooring will look good for years since it's easy to keep clean and in good repair. You can choose a color that matches nearly any type of wood and even choose planks of different widths so you can customize your flooring to reflect the nature of your business and building décor. LVT is worthy of a close look when you're comparing the pros and cons of different types of commercial flooring.

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