5 Tips For Maintaining Real Wood Flooring

21 December 2017
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It is not surprising that wood flooring is an incredibly popular flooring choice-- wood flooring is beautiful and timeless and comes in a number of styles and color variations. Real wood flooring is not inexpensive, so if you;re planning to invest in wood flooring for your home it is important to know how to care for it so it can retain its beauty for many years to come. Use the following tips for maintaining wood flooring:

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Any time something spills on wood flooring, it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Failure to clean up spills can lead to stains or discoloration of the wood. To properly clean up spills, use a cleaner designed for wood floor applied to a clean white cloth and then wipe up the spill. You can then use a dry white cloth to ensure that the area is completely dry.

Block Out Sunlight

If you're putting in wood flooring in a room with a lot of windows and natural light, it is a good idea to put up window coverings that block out UV rays and heat. Over time, wood flooring can begin to fade if it is constantly exposed to sunlight and heat, so the window coverings are essential to protect your flooring. 

Use a Humidifier During the Winter Months

During the winter the air tends to be quite dry, and running the heater in your home can dry out the air further. In order to keep your wood flooring in good condition during the cold months of the year, run a humidifier inside your home. Doing so will help prevent your wood flooring from shrinking and drying out.

Avoid Using Oil Soaps

When mopping your wood flooring, always avoid using oil soaps. Many people have the mistaken belief that oil soaps are good for cleaning wood, but that is not actually true. Oil soaps don't rinse cleanly from wood flooring, so it will leave a film on the flooring and over time the film can build up. If you have wood floors, it is important to only use cleaners that are specifically designed for wood flooring.

Use Mats and Rugs in High Traffic Areas

One of the best things you can do to protect your wood flooring is put down mats and rugs in high traffic areas, Place mats next to exterior doors-- the mats can help remove dirt, debris, and grease from people's shoes before they enter. Rugs in hallways and other high traffic areas can help prevent wear and tear on your wood flooring.