Four Changes To Make To A Building When You Want To Convert It Into An Auto Body Shop

16 August 2017
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When you want to open an auto body shop, it is important to properly prepare the building for the services that work that you will be doing. There are many people who do not realize how much work goes into preparing a building for use as an auto body shop. The following guide walks you through a few changes you may want to make to the shop to make your work easier.

Have a Concrete Floor Created

The first thing that you will need to have done is to have a strong floor created within the bay of the auto body shop. You want to be sure that the floor is strong enough for cars and trucks to drive on repeatedly. Hire a professional flooring contractor to determine how thick the concrete will need to be and to lay it properly for you. The concrete will need time to harden before anything else can be done.

Add Lifts to the Auto Body Shop

When you need to work on the undercarriage of a vehicle, having lifts that the vehicle can be put on and be lifted into the air will make your job much easier. You need to choose lifts that can hold a lot of weight so that you have the ability to work on small and large vehicles as needed. Have the lifts installed professionally so that they do not fall over and work properly when you need to use them.

Add Storage Cabinets to the Bay

It is important to make sure that everything is well organized within your auto body shop so that you can find the things that you need when you need them. Adding storage cabinets to the bay ensures that you are able to store everything in an organized way. Be sure to invest in cabinets that can be locked to ensure that you can secure the items when they are not in use.

Add Ample Lighting to the Bay

You need to be sure that you can easily see when you are working on the vehicles. Having great lighting within the bay will provide you with the light you need to be able to see everything that you are doing at all times. Be sure to choose LED lights if possible so that you can limit how often you need to change the bulbs.

It is best to have all of this work done before you even start taking customers. These changes will ensure that you are able to do your job to the best of your abilities at all times.