Tips For Installing An Epoxy Floor Coating In Your Home's Garage

16 November 2016
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If you have decided the time has come to cover your garage's old concrete slab floor with an epoxy floor coating, then you will be pleased to know that this is a project you can easily complete in a single weekend. Even though the process of installing an epoxy floor coating may seem complicated because it requires three layers of paint, in reality, the process is fairly straightforward if you closely follow the directions on the paint that you use. In order to avoid any application errors and problems that can later arise from an epoxy floor coating that was not properly installed, follow these tips:

Tip: Ask a Friend or Relative to Assist You with the Application

While you may be inclined to install your garage's new epoxy floor coating by yourself, the application will go more smoothly if you ask a friend or relative to assist you. This is especially true if you have a large garage floor that you need to cover. Each coat of the epoxy has a specific short time between when you mix it and when it needs to be applied to the floor. Having multiple people apply each layer of epoxy coating will mean that you can get the paint onto the floor before it starts to cure and harden.

Tip: Carefully Prepare Your Garage Floor Before You Apply the Primer Coat of Paint

Just as with any other painting project, the better you prepare your garage's floor to receive the primer paint, the better the end result will be. If your garage floor does not have all of its accumulated dust and dirt removed before you apply the epoxy coating to it, then the paint will not adhere properly to the floor and will be prone to chipping and peeling.

To properly prepare the floor for painting, you should sweep the entire floor using a stiff broom. Once the broom has removed the majority of the dust and dirt from the floor, then you need to go over every single inch of the floor using a shop vacuum. Then, once the floor has been cleaned, you should avoid walking on its surface because your shoes will introduce dust and dirt.

Tip: Let Each Coat of Epoxy Fully Cure Before Installing the Next

When you apply the epoxy floor coating to your garage's floor, it is vital that you follow the directions on the product to ensure that each coat cures for the proper amount of time. You will be painting on a layer of primer, an epoxy base coat, and a clear polyurethane or epoxy layer. Each of these coats needs to have time to cure and harden before you apply the next coat. If you do not let them cure long enough, then the floor will crack and peel as you use your garage.