Important Tips To Keep In Mind About Refinishing Your Home's Hardwood Flooring

31 October 2016
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Refinishing hardwood floors can be a big job, but it does not have to be a difficult one when you plan ahead for it. By taking the time to prepare for refinishing your hardwood flooring, you will have a lot less stress doing so and the results will turn out a lot better as well. Before you start refinishing your flooring, check out these tips for helping you prepare to do the job right.

All Furniture Will Need To Be Removed First

The rooms you plan to refinish floors in will need to be completely emptied of all furniture before you begin. Making a place in your home to store furniture while the refinishing project in underway is a good idea. Choose a room that you do not use a lot or you can get away without using until the project is finished. For example, if you have a guest bedroom, using it to store furniture in is a good idea.

When Hardwood Refinishing Is Only One Part Of Your Renovation Project

If you are making renovations that include painting the walls, replacing sheet rock, or putting up new wallpaper, you need make hardwood floor refinishing your last task. The last thing you need is dust from sheet rock settling in the coating on your newly finished floors. Also, no one needs to walk on your newly refinished hardwood floors until the seal coating is completely dry and cured. The time is takes for your flooring to be completely ready to walk on is determined by whether you used water or oil-based sealant. Most water-based coatings take 4-6 hours to dry enough for walking on while oil-based seal coating can take 24 hours before it is safe to walk on. However, these times are not the same for sealing to become cured so you place rugs and furniture back on your finished floors. For the safest results, keep pets, furniture, shoes, and rugs off your newly finished floors for at least four days, whether you used water or oil-based seal coating.

Your home's decorative appeal can increase greatly when your hardwood floors are properly refinished and shining. By planning ahead, you can take your time refinishing your floors and doing so the right way, giving you greater chances of your floors turning out beautifully refinished. If you are ready to have your hardwood refinished and you do not have the time for doing it, you can also contact professional contractors that are experienced and can refinish your floors to perfection for you.

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